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Archipel.eu – An innovative cultural project designed for OCTs and ORs

Archipel.eu is an EU co-funded pilot project that creates funding opportunities for artists, cultural practitioners and cultural organisations from the OCTs and the ORs. Archipel. eu is structured around 4 calls for proposals.

Created by the Institut français tother with OCTA and APCA (The Agency for the Promotion of Atlantic Culture), and co-financed by the European Union, Archipel.eu is a pilot project dedicated to promoting and supporting the culture in the Overseas Countries and Territories and the Outermost Regions of the European Union.

The Archipel.eu project was selected in response to the call “Pilot project for the safeguarding and promotion of culture in the outermost regions and overseas countries and territories”, launched in September 2020 by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Regional and Urban Policy (DG REGIO).

Archipel.eu aims to test, over a 24-months period, a direct financial support scheme for cultural professionals, artists, groups of artists, cultural organisations and institutions residing in the 22 Outermost Regions and the Overseas Countries and Territories of the European Union, i.e. 9 ORs and 13 OCTs.

The main objectives of the project are to:

  • To contribute to safeguarding, promoting and supporting intangible cultural heritage, local knowledge, popular arts and practices as well as ancestral and Indigenous cultures of the ORs and OCTs;
  • Improve cultural dialogue and exchanges amongst ORs and OCTs, and across the EU;
  • Disseminate cultural and creative works from Overseas cultures, through mobility, but also through virtual projects.

At the end of the project implementation, a report including the results of this project and recommendations will be presented to the European Commission.

Key facts of the programme

The Archipel.eu project was officially launched on October 13, 2021 at a launch event organised by the Institut français, in partnership with OCTA and APCA.

Archipel . eu is structured around 4 calls for proposals, with a fourth call launched on 1st March 2022. Click on each call to have access to their detailed information sheet!


Scheme 1: Fund for the Safeguarding and the Promotion of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the ORs and OCTsCHECK OUT THE LAUREATES

The fund aims to support physical and/or virtual activities that highlight the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the OCTs and the ORs, as carried out by cultural organisations and institutions.


Scheme 2: Archipel.eu Mobility Fund – from 13 October 2021 to 1st December 2022

This fund, dedicated to individuals, is divided into 2 calls:

– A first call, supporting physical or virtual mobility of cultural professionals and artists from the Overseas Territories in the ORs, OCTs, and throughout the European Union.

– A second call, concerning the networking of cultural actors in the OCTs and ORs. This call will be published in February.


Scheme 3: The Collection – Archipel.eu Special EditionCHECK OUT THE LAUREATES!

This fund aims to support the dissemination physical and/or virtual artistic works such as exhibitions, shows or artistic performances, that can be easily disseminated. It is based on two types of support:

  • Support in terms of visibility for the artistic proposals that will compose the Collection – Archipel.eu Special Edition.
  • Financial support for the dissemination, at the international level, of the works displayed in the Collection – Archipel.eu Special Edition catalogue. This funding will be attributed to the structures carrying the works / artistic proposals.


Scheme 4: The Cultural Networking and Cooperation Fund – open for applications from 1st March to the 1st of July 2022

This Fund will support networking and cooperation projects from public or private structures implemented in the 13 Overseas Countries and Territories and the 9 Outermost Regions of the European Union.

Relevance of programme for OCTs

The latest Report on the participation of the OCTs in EU programmes shows that OCTs have not been involved in cultural projects financed by the European Union, mainly via their dedicated programme Creative Europe.

In this context, Archipel-eu aims to bridge the gap by creating tailored project opportunities for the cultural sectors of the Overseas territories, both the OCTs and the Outermost Regions.


How is the programme managed ?

The Archipel.eu pilot project is managed by a consortium of stakeholders led by the Institut français, with OCTA and APCA as partners. It is supported by a network of associated partners, located in several OCTs and ORs, whose role is to relay information on the project to potential beneficiaries.

The project submission is done through the Institut français, via its website or the Archipel.eu website. Projects will be evaluated and selected by evaluation committees, one for each call for proposals, composed of experts, members of the consortium and members of the Associated partners.

As a member of the consortium, OCTA is committed to providing specific assistance to OCT applicants, notably through the organisation of webinars for potential beneficiaries to accompany them throughout their application process and help them submit a successful application. The Archipel. eu Consortium members have so far scheduled five webinars, as follows:


OCTA also provides daily support via her Culture Adviser, Hélène Morales: helene@overseas-association.eu