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OCTA Youth Days 24-25 May 2022

The OCTA Youth Days took place on the 24-25 May 2020. Over 100 young people from the OCTs joined us to learn about the ways they can participate in initiatives from the European Union. From studying or doing an internship abroad (Erasmus+), to volunteering on a project of your choice with all expenses covered, up to 12 months! (European Solidarity Corps).

In addition, they were able to learn about the new “OCT Youth Network”, a pilot project that will select 25 young people from the OCTs. The members of the OCT Youth Network will learn about the European Union and visit the institutions, while being part of a network connecting young people from the 13 islands. A great opportunity to get a first-hand experience on the EU and its partnership with the OCTs! The call for applicants opened on 11 May, with a deadline on 3 June: MORE INFO

Lastly, we also shared our experience, tips and tricks, on what are the options to do a paid traineeship at the European institutions, i.e. the Commission, the Parliament, the Council, etc. We have compiled a list of all the traineeships available, check it out for a quick introduction!

The presentations and the recordings of the sessions can be found below:


  • Welcome to the participants. Presentation on the work of OCTA, our work with the EU and on youth (OCTA Secretariat – Pablo Lopez-Herrerias) – RECORDING

  • The new OCT Youth Network – how to apply? (European Commission – Andreas Roettger / Tiphaine Coulardeau) – PRESENTATION | RECORDING

  • Erasmus+ is also for you. How can you access it? (OCTA Secretariat – Marta Fernández Fornieles) – PRESENTATION | RECORDING


  • Paid traineeships at the European institutions – getting in (OCTA Secretariat – Andrei Moarcas) – PRESENTATION | RECORDING
  • Traineeship at OCTA – Hear the experience from our past trainees (OCTA Secretariat – Pablo Lopez-Herrerias) – PRESENTATION | RECORDING

  • European Solidarity Corps – volunteering abroad has never been easier (OCTA Secretariat – Marta Fernández Fornieles) – PRESENTATION | RECORDING


Check out the programme for the sessions in English: (French below)



Check out the programme for the sessions in French: