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OCT Youth Network: Apply now!

The European Commission’s Directorate General for International Partnerships (DG INTPA), responsible for formulating the European Union’s (EU) international partnership and development policy, including with the OCTs, has launched the OCT Youth Network.


What is the OCT Youth Network about? 

The OCT Youth Network will bring together 25 young people (aged 20-28) from the 13 OCTs. The network will provide the opportunity to discover in depth and first-hand the collaboration between the European Union and the OCTs (known as the EU-OCT Partnership), the functioning of the European institutions, while connecting with other young people with similar interests.

The network’s objectives are to:

  • connect young people from the 13 OCTs amongst each other and with the EU institutions and decision makers,
  • project a OCT youth perspective into the EU-OCT partnership,
  • deepen the understanding about the EU in the OCTs,
  • create links with other youth initiatives at regional and country level, including the EU and Member States.

What type of activities will be organised for the Network members?

Selected applicants will benefit from activities such as: a week-long study visit to Brussels to learn about the European institutions, Members States and OCTA, four online training sessions to develop their knowledge and competences, and several dialogue sessions with EU political leaders.

Deadline to apply:  3 June 2022 – 12h CEST (Brussels time)


Click on the links to read the call for applicants in English or the appel à candidatures in French