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Lycée agricole Opunohu

Lycée Agricole d’Opunohu

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Lycée Agricole d’Opunohu

The Opunohu Agricultural High School (Lycée Agricole d’Opunohu) is a public high school located on the Opunohu site since the early 1970s. The school’s 220 students come from all the archipelagos of Polynesia, which extends over thousands of kilometres, and the majority of the students are boarders. 27 teachers and trainers as well as 20 members of staff ensure that the various training courses offered run smoothly.

In accordance with the country’s agricultural policy, the teaching prepares them for jobs in the natural world (environment, development, agronomy, ecology), for jobs in the agricultural and food-processing world and for sales jobs.
The students have a real farm (production, processing, sales) on the school site as a teaching aid.
At the end of their education, which is certified by a State diploma, the students enter the workforce, take competitive exams (public service) or pursue higher education in Polynesia or in metropolitan France.


Lycée Agricole d’Opunohu
Moorea-Maiao, French Polynesia