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01/01/2019 - 31/12/2020



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Projets de volontariat

Volunteer4Change has the main objective of increasing skills & competences of Aruban young people, which will hopefully enhance their employability, while at the same time supporting a better quality of life for the people with mental limitations at Associacio Alba in Spain.

The project will promote inclusion in various areas:

  • the participants having globally widened horizons, better cultural awareness & understanding. The participants with fewer opportunities will especially benefit, being more socially involved.
  • For CEDE Aruba contribution to the youth development objective and the support of people with mental disabilities.
  • The local Aruban community will benefit from the increased knowledge and skills acquired during the project. The volunteers will use these competences either by working with disabled people or elsewhere.
  • The involvement of these volunteers is also a source of inspiration to others youngsters in our community (role models), motivating this group to pursue personal development and service.
  • The people with disabilities at Alba will have learned about other cultures and felt care and love from unknown people.
  • At Alba, our volunteers will leave a positive impact on the organization concerning the way the volunteers worked with their clients and they will (hopefully) leave a positive impression of Aruba as a country.
  • The two involved organizations will be able to exchange experiences and build on their partnership. It will also have an impact on our further exploration of Erasmus+, as we can use these experiences to broaden our ESC projects and other Youth projects.


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