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01/01/2020 - 31/12/2020

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In Aruba, there are quite some challenges with youth. Lots of young people deal with issues like unemployment, dropping out of school, health problems/obesity, single parent families, teen pregnancy, poor sexual education, domestic violence and abuse, drug & alcohol abuse. Due to high economic pressure there are many people with multiple jobs which leads to child neglect.

The project at the Alba organisations has three broad objectives:
– To support young people to develop their skills and widen their horizons, as thus boosting their employability;
– To increase the well being of clients of the Alba organisations by having young people working with them;
– To encourage young people from Aruba to work with people with disabilities as a job in future.

The project will provide opportunity for 10 young people, of which the shorter term (2 months) volunteers and the long term volunteers (10 months) will work in Tarrega, and the midterm (6 months) in Tremp. All volunteers choosen will have certain obstacles; besides living on a geographically remote & isolated island   volunteers selected have (experienced) social and/or economical and/or educational difficulties and/or come from refugee backgrounds.


Centro pa Desaroyo di Aruba (CEDE)