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Solidarity without borders

01/08/2020 - 31/07/2022



European Solidarity Corps

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Solidarity without borders

This project based in Aruba aims to contribute to the personal and professional development of the involved volunteers. Two volunteers from Europe will come to Aruba to participate in different informal activities with NGOs to develop new professional skills. The project also aims to strengthen the social networks of the involved volunteers, broaden their horizons by making them work with and for other cultures, support Aruba’s NGO’s as well as on the long run to develop positive relations and understanding between young people from different countries of the EU and young people from Aruba.

The longer-term impact will involve the positive outcome in the future development and employability of the volunteers and the enhanced quality of life experiences for the people the volunteers have engaged with during the project. Through their inter-cultural exchange and experience as a volunteer, they will have developed a sense of solidarity and civic responsibility as active citizens.

The involved organizations, and those that join in the final event, will also be impacted by increased awareness about European Solidarity Corps, its objectives and the European Commission as the funding source.


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