Overseas Countries
and Territories Association

Aruba – Juan Thijsen

OCTA’s Executive Committee has a new President

OCTA is pleased to welcome Mr. Juan E. Thijsen, recently appointed EU Representative for the Aruba Government, as the new President of the Executive Committee of the Association.

A lawyer by training, Mr. Thijsen was formerly president of the Parliament of Aruba from November 2017 to July 2021, and a member of the Parliament of Aruba since 2005. Mr. Thijsen has ample experience in political affairs and will bring his excellent knowledge and leadership to the Association.

As the new President of OCTA’s Executive Committee, Mr. Thijsen will play a key role in maintaining a good functioning of the Association, as well as in the relations with the European Commission and other stakeholders. He will ensure this role until the next Ministerial Conference to be taken place later this year in Nouméa, New Caledonia.


What is the role of the Executive Committee?

OCTA’s Executive Committee is composed of 6 members and one President. Its objective is to translate political priorities set by the Ministerial Conference – OCTA’s highest decision-making body – into specific supportive actions in favour of the members of association.


For more information about the Association and its organisation, please visit OCTA’s website at: https://www.overseas-association.eu/about-octa/