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EU reaffirms its support for Venezuelan refugees and migrants

At the International Donors’ Conference on 17 June in Solidarity with Venezuelan Refugees and Migrants, the European Commission pledged €147 million, for immediate humanitarian assistance, medium and longer-term development assistance and conflict prevention interventions for Venezuelan refugees, migrants and host communities.

The Commission’s assistance is in addition to bilateral support from Member States as well as the ongoing aid package of €319 million allocated by the EU to alleviate the crisis since 2018.

The new funding from the European Union will focus on:

  • Humanitarian assistance of €82 million for immediate relief activities to vulnerable Venezuelans affected by the crisis, wherever they are. Assistance will be provided to Venezuelan migrants and refugees, as well as to host communities in host countries.
  • Development cooperation of €50 million focusing in particular on social and economic integration of Venezuelan refugees, migrants and host communities in countries most affected by the Venezuelan crisis.
  • Assistance through the Foreign Policy Instrument of €15 million, focusing on strengthening registration and integration policies and processes for Venezuelan migrants and refugees and addressing the needs of host communities.

Since 2015, more than 5.6 million Venezuelans have fled Venezuela, becoming the largest displacement in Latin American history and the second largest in the world, after Syria.

For more information: https://ec.europa.eu/commission/presscorner/detail/en/IP_21_2994