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Vaihuti Fresh

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French Polynesia

Private entity

Biodiversity conservation and restoration

Vaihuti Fresh

We are an organic farm which mainly practices agroecology and permaculture in tropical environments. The farm is located southwest of Raiatea, between Vaiaau and Fetuna (Leeward Islands – Society Islands) in French Polynesia. We produce fruits, vegetables and herbs, using bees for pollination. To grow these plants in the best conditions, we also produce our compost. The farm extends over 23 ha of land, in the middle of a valley where a river of pure water flows, dominating the deep blue of the coral reef and the lagoon.

The first installations started in 2015 , and the first productions in 2016, but we have been working on this project since 2013. We continue to plant many trees, plants and herbs while developing the land according to a holistic permaculture design that allows maximum biodiversity to be integrated into the site. We also host students who work on research topics, and offer training in permaculture and agroecology.

All the food produced on the farm is organic, and our production supplies our direct customers including several restaurants, hotels and tourist guesthouses in Bora Bora and Raiatea and businesses in Raiatea and Tahiti.


BP 1489 98735 UTUROA French Polynesia