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Tahiti International School

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French Polynesia

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Tahiti International School

Tahiti International School (TIS) was founded in 2010 by Philippe and Sandy Stora with the aim of providing a style and quality of education that does not otherwise exist in French Polynesia.
The Tahiti International School community has grown and evolved dramatically in recent years, but will always reflect the founding principles of kindness and dedication to excellence.

Tahiti International School aims to prepare students for the globalized world through a rigorous bilingual program that addresses the need for multicultural students with a diverse understanding and consideration of the world we live in. Respect and communication function as the foundation of our student-teacher relationships.

Tahiti International School (TIS) is the first international school in Polynesia and a member of the UNESCO Associated Schools Network and Eco-Ecole label.
Our school is accredited by the French Ministry of Education.

The school’s philosophy is to stimulate the desire and taste for learning.

The teaching methods used by the French, English, Chinese and Spanish teachers allow each child to blossom and develop his or her taste for discovery while respecting humanist values.


PK 11 Seafront - BP 380689 - 98717 Punaauia - FRENCH POLYNESIA

Exchange of experiences, organisation of projects, organisation of educational trips.