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Tur Cos ta Posibel Foundation

Tur Cos Ta Posibel is a small organization, originally acting as an informal group but becoming a Stichting (non-profit foundation) in 2019 operating in the field of youth activities, sport, arts, culture, and supporting social inclusion. The foundation consists of a small dedicated team working in all areas of non-formal education. Their main aim is to empower local organizations and young people to reach their potential.

Tur Cos Ta Posibel is based in the south of Aruba – active in the local community supporting and resourcing sport, creative arts, and social welfare organizations. The foundation has developed international relationships in order to allow it to offer young people the chance to participate in international sports arts and cultural activities. The foundation wants to continue to widen its local networks to make these programmes accessible to all young people in Aruba.

The foundation wishes to offer opportunities to local young people to upskill themselves by volunteering in a national capacity then potentially volunteering on a team project internationally. The foundation already tries to involve young people they support in international activities.


Pos Chiquito 70A Aruba