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Saba Archaeological Center (SABARC)

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Saba Archaeological Center (SABARC)

The Saba Archaeology Center (SABARC) is a non-profit organization based on the island of Saba, Dutch Caribbean dedicated to preserving and promoting Saba’s cultural heritage through archaeological research and outreach initiatives. SABARC actively seeks to involve island youth in aspects of archaeological research and heritage management as a means for them to participate in the discovery of their own history. The emphasis on youth involvement serves to foster and encourage an interest in the sciences and social sciences beyond the classroom through real world applications of their respective theories and techniques. SABARC staff also conduct Malta-compliant small-scale archaeological mitigation projects when necessary. The Saba Heritage Center, part of SABARC, hosts exhibitions and displays on Saba’s history and culture that are open to the public.


John Angus Martin
Windwardside, Saba
Caraïbes Pays-Bas

Archaeology; Intangible and tangible Heritage; Museum

Le personnel du SABARC participe à plusieurs organisations et conférences régionales.

SABARC a réalisé des travaux archéologiques sur un projet de nouvelle installation portuaire à Saba.