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Institut Pasteur of New-Caledonia (IPNC)

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Institut Pasteur International Network

The Institut Pasteur is a non-profit foundation whose mission is to contribute to the improvement of human health, in particular in the face of infectious agents, by:

  • biomedical research
  • public health activities
  • training
  • innovation and technology transfer

These activities are carried out with the desire to promote sustainable development based on the strengthening of local capacities while respecting human rights and the environment. The Institut Pasteur is located in 25 countries on five continents, and includes 33 institutions, which are united by shared values and missions for the benefit of populations.

The IPNC is a secondary establishment of the Institut Pasteur, a private non-profit foundation recognized as being of public utility. The mission of the IPNC is to:

  • develop lines of research targeting health and public health problems in New Caledonia, the Pacific region and more broadly of international scope, based on multidisciplinary approaches and knowledge exchanges thanks to its links with the international network of Instituts Pasteur.
  • share its public health expertise with the health authorities of New Caledonia, the WHO and the CPS to support the surveillance of emerging or introductory risks in a country where exchanges with Australia and the Asia are important. IPNC is a member of the Oceanian Public Health Surveillance Network, run by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community.
  • participate in the training of scientists and researchers through the development of teaching and the reception of interns from the fields of biology and research.


9 Ave Paul Doumer Nouméa 98800 New Caledonia