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Greenland Oil Spill Response (GOSR)

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Naalakkersuisut Government of Greenland

Greenland Oil Spill Response (GOSR) was established in 2012 and is owned by the Government of Greenland. The company operates within oil spill contingency, oil spill response and other related activities, primarily within the mineral resources area in Greenland. Greenland Oil Spill Response offers membership for petroleum and mineral companies operating in Greenland as well as the general Greenlandic offshore industry. Greenland Oil Spill Response has a large amount of oil spill response equipment suitable for oil spill response in Greenland. Since 2014 Greenland Oil Spill Response has provided oil spill response training in cooperation with Blue Petrel Consulting enabling us to provide IMO OPRC Model courses as well as courses specifically tailored for Arctic and Greenlandic conditions.

All licensees operating with hydrocarbon exploration in Greenland must enter into an agreement with Greenland Oil Spill Response on their delivery of services in relation to potential oil spills and clean up.


Aqqusinersuaq Nuuk 3900 Greenland