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Greenland National Museum & Archives are responsible for safeguarding Greenland’s intangible cultural heritage. The vision of the Greenland National Museum & Archives is to be a living, proactive museum and archive that generates knowledge-based understanding, interpretations and connections between the past, the present and the future. In collaboration with society at large plus relevant groups and organisations they identify and define elements of intangible cultural heritage in Greenland and maintain an updated inventory.

So far, Greenland National Museum & Archives have been responsible for selecting and listing intangible cultural heritage in the inventory, but the plan is to collaborate with relevant organisations and groups to include practices, ideas, expressions, knowledge and skills, as well as tools, artefacts and cultural spaces that society at large, groups, and in some instances individuals consider to be part of their cultural heritage.

The museum houses the central registers of listed buildings and monuments and undertakes conservation provisions of the law on protection of monuments and buildings, as well as participating in nature conservancy and urban planning. The museum advises the Greenlandic government in all affairs regarding permission for excavation of ancient monuments. All excavated material belongs to Greenland.

The archive is primarily tasked with ensuring the preservation of archival material and is furthermore responsible for the collection, organization, preservation, registration, research and dissemination of Greenland’s cultural and social historical development.

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Hans Egedesvej 8 3900 Nuuk Greenland

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