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Caribbean youth and sport foundation

Caribbean Youth and Sport Foundation


Sint Maarten



Caribbean Youth and Sport Foundation

Caribbean Youth and Sport Foundation is non-profit foundation that is primarily focused on local and international level project for less fortune young people and children, and youngsters with a vision and concept for the future of Sint Maarten, who will learn how to make decisions.

Our aim is to empower young people and give hope to them. We plan to achieve this through non-formal education and active participation in everyday life of the Sint Maarten community, as well as the Carribbean and European community. We want to promote social and cross-cultural connections between youth from Sint Maarten and professionals and youngsters from the EU and beyond. One of the most important methods of success is the dissemination of innovative educational values, methods and expertise. Being focused on acquiring new competences and the practical application of acquired knowledge is in our opinion the way to make a difference and succeed in life.