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Association Saint-Barth Essentiel

Association Saint-Barth Essentiel

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Association Saint-Barth Essentiel

Created in June 2009, St Barth Essentiel values the idea that culture, traditions and environment constitute a unique and precious legacy for future generations. Its purpose is “the protection of the historical, cultural, heritage and environmental interests of the island of Saint-Barthélemy and its living environment”. Its range of action thus covers two poles of activity:

  • The preservation of St Barthélemy’s cultural and historical heritage
  • The protection of the terrestrial and marine environment of Saint-Barthélemy

To this end, the association aims to:

  • Contribute to the discovery, protection, preservation and enhancement of the historical, cultural, architectural and natural heritage of the island of Saint Barthélemy
  • Study, defend and save the environment, ecosystems, natural habitats, animal and plant species, biodiversity and biological balances, water, air, soil, landscapes.
  • Fight against pollution, nuisances, health and technological risks
  • Act in favor of a harmonious and balanced development and urbanism,
  • Take any legal action regarding the protection of nature, the respect of laws and regulations and their adaptation to the changing needs of the community of Saint-Barthélemy,


BP 1032, 97012 St. Barthélemy cedex