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EUROPE DIRECT CURAÇAO (ED-Curaçao) is an initiative of the Stichting Caribische Belasting en Europawinkel and the Curaçao Chamber of Commerce, which is responsible for the implementation of ED-CURAÇAO. The office of ED-CURAÇAO is housed in the Enterpreneurship Center of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Curaçao (Chamber of Commerce).

The Chamber of Commerce is prominently located in the center of Curaçao’s capital, Willemstad. Address: Kaya Junior Salas 1, Pietermaai, Curacao. Telephone number: (5999) 4613918.

ED-CURAÇAO is headed by two managers: Steven Damiana (from Curaçao) and Germaine Rekwest (from the Netherlands). The “Stichting Caribische Belasting en Europawinkel” was established in 2018 in Rotterdam (the Netherlands). The objective of Stichting Caribische Belasting en Europawinkel has been established by the articles of association (article 2 of the statutes) and reads as follows:

The foundation aims to serve the public interest by:

a.providing assistance in the field of fiscal and European law and the fiscal economy on the islands that were part of the former Netherlands Antilles;

b. to stimulate interest in tax and European law and the tax economy among the population of the islands that formed part of the former Netherlands Antilles;

c. to perform all further actions that are directly or indirectly related to the foregoing or that may be conducive to it, all in the broadest sense of the word.

The current board consists of Germaine Rekwest (chairman), Eduard Slootweg (board member) and Juan David Yrausquin (treasurer).

Chamber of Commerce number: 71737146
RSIN: 858829319

In working on future events, expertise on Europe to give awareness towards the local public, contact us if you can contribute to bringing Europe closer to Curaçao.


Steven Damiana / Germaine Rekwest
Local manager
Kaya Junior Salas 1, Pietermaai, Curaçao

Interest in ways to connect Curacao more with Europe ( bring them closer)

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