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Applications to the “New European Bauhaus Prizes 2022” and the “European Charlemagne Youth Prize” are now open for application!


The application are open from  18 January until  28 February 2022.

The 2022 awards will be given to projects and ideas that contribute to the creation of places that combine beauty, sustainability and inclusion, in four categories:

  • Reconnecting with nature
  • Regaining a sense of belonging
  • Prioritising the places and people who need it the most
  • Shaping a circular industrial ecosystem and supporting life-cycle thinking

In each category, the competition will have two components: the new ‘European Bauhaus’ awards for existing projects completed in the last two years and, the rising stars for concepts or ideas submitted by young people under 30.

Further information can be found in the dedicated website: https://prizes.new-european-bauhaus.eu/



The application opened on the 10 January until the 13 February 2022. It is opened to EU nationals between 16-30 years old.

The European Charlemagne Youth Prize is awarded to youth-run projects that promote European and international understanding. The award highlights the daily work by young people across Europe to strengthen European democracy and supports their active participation in writing the future of Europe.

The projects must have displayed achievements in the following areas:

  • Promoting cooperation and understanding both across Europe and internationally, based on democratic values (such as, for example, respect for human dignity, freedom, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights).
  • Promoting a shared sense of European identity and European integration.
  • Encouraging other young people in Europe to get involved in our democracy.
  • Offering practical examples of Europeans living together as a community.

Further information can be found in the dedicated website: https://www.europarl.europa.eu/charlemagneyouthprize/en/rules.html

For additional information, you may contact Marta Fernandez Fornieles, EU Programme Adviser at OCTA, at :marta@overseas-association.eu