Overseas Countries
and Territories Association


An Overseas Association Decision (OAD) including Greenland has just been approved by the European Council


On Friday 15 October, the European Council approved a new OAD to further strengthen the long-term relationship and cooperation between the European Union and Greenland.

This decision underlines the particularities the define the partnership between the European Union, Greenland and Denmark, such as the preservation of the close and lasting ties that unite them, the recognition of Greenland’s geostrategic position, the importance of the strategic dialogue between the three partners, the existence of a partnership agreement in the fisheries sector between the European Union and Greenland, and the potential cooperation on Artic-related issues. It also tends to prioritize partnership in areas of mutual interest: in the particular case of Greenland, this includes improving the qualifications of its workforce; promoting research, innovation and scientific cooperation activities; mitigating climate change; and promoting exchanges, cooperation and partnerships to accelerate and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

More broadly, this decision aims to promote the economic and social development of the OCTs and to establish close economic relations between them and the European Union as a whole. OCTA pursues this overall objective by improving the competitiveness of the OCTs, strengthening their resilience, reducing their economic and environmental vulnerability and promoting their cooperation with other partners.

The OAD results in an allocation of EUR 500 million for the period 2021-2027.

With this new Decision, the European Union wishes to encourage and promote cooperation with the OCTs, particularly in order to address the major challenges they face and to achieve the SDGs.

You can consult the new OAD here.