Overseas Countries
and Territories Association

Outre mer durables

The “Sustainable Overseas Territories” competition (« les Outre-mer durables »)

The Eco Maires is a national and international association of mayors and local elected officials for sustainable development at all territorial levels and close to citizens.

The aim of the “Sustainable Overseas Territories” competition is to highlight the outstanding initiatives of overseas communities in terms of environmental policy and sustainable development.

Under the presidency of Mr. Olivier SERVA, Member of Parliament for Guadeloupe, the jury composed of 7 people met on the 24th of March 2021 in order to designate the winners of the 10th edition.

OCTA was invited to participate in the jury of this competition and was represented by Mr. Atoloto Malau, member of the Executive Committee.

The winners will be announced on 7 April 2021 at the National Assembly in Paris.

For more information: https://ecomaires.com/les-outre-mer-durables/