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The European Commission adopts the 2022 Commission Work Programme

On 19 October in Strasbourg, the European Commission adopted its Work Programme for 2022. An innovative and ambitious programme for a stronger and a more resilient post-Covid-19 Europe.

The Commission Work Programme for 2022 is, first of all, innovative in its methodology. With the objective to improve its regulation, reduce administrative burden and minimize the burden of achieving the European Union’s policy objectives, the European Commission will apply the “one in, one out” principle in its program, which consists of systematically and proactively reducing the burdens of existing European legislation as soon as unavoidable new burdens are introduced. This initiative is complemented by the desire to accompany the green and digital transformations.

The Commission Work Programme for the new year is also ambitious in its actions. It establishes 42 new policy initiatives structured around six major ambitions:

  1. A European Green Deal
  2. A Europe Fit for the Digital Age
  3. An Economy that Works for People
  4. A Stronger Europe in the World
  5. Promoting our European Way of Life
  6. A New Push for European Democracy

Among the strong measures presented by the European Commission, OCTA pays particular attention to the proposals to establish a new strategy on international energy engagement and a Joint Communication on international ocean governance, in order to achieve a global energy transition and clean up the oceans, which are two major issues at the overseas countries and territories level.

The full version of the Commission Work Programme for 2022 is available on the Commission’s website: https://ec.europa.eu/info/publications/2022-commission-work-programme-key-documents_en