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Mobility experiences for European islands hospitality (3)


01/05/2016 - 31/01/2017


New Caledonia


Youth Mobility

With the beginning of “Erasmus+” programme the Outermost youth is especially outlined in the guidelines as receives higher travel allowances than the rest of European beneficiaries. However, even counting with this economic extra-support, the organisations from the Outermost regions hardly appear between the beneficiaries of “Erasmus+” programme and often are just absent of these opportunities for the European Youth. This leads us to see that the Outermost challenges for joining “Erasmus+” projects are way too more complex than just the economic issues: they often include linguistic barrier, poor information on “Erasmus+” opportunities, fear of youngsters to leave their island, special “islander mind” that needs sea, etc.

However, in each of the Outermost regions there are a couple (normally 1 up to 3) organisations that have had some kind of experience with “Erasmus+”. Those are very proactive and special organisations and definitely it is worth getting to know and analyzing how they have been able to face successfully multiple challenges of the Outermost youth in terms of joining international projects. For identifying the best practices, boosting participation in “Erasmus+” of the Ouremost organisations and therefore brining more European opportunities to the most isolated parts of the European Union, it is necessary to have a meeting point for sharing, learning and brainstorming. That´s why the proposal of “OUTERMOST YOUth” has been created. This Training Course will help to get to know the best practices of the Outermost youth organisations that manage “Erasmus+” projects and how do they adapt themselves to the Outermost reality in terms of, on one hand, preparing the project proposals and, on the other hand, working with youth.

The activity developed in October 2016 in Tenerife, the Canary Islands, Spain will bring together 13 youth workers of Outermost regions.The Training Course will be implemented following the best practices of non formal education, outlining especially brainstorming, work in small groups and other activities of “learning by doing”. As a result of this activity the youth workers will be more ready to promote “Erasmus+” for the Outermost youth, prepare better adapted projects and bring more European opportunities for the Outermost youth. This project also aims establishing a reliable long term collaboration.


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