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Education project on foreign languages (1)

Erasmus+ student and staff mobility project

01/06/2014 - 31/05/2019


New Caledonia


Higher education student and staff mobility project


In 2014, Lycée Lapérouse signed the Erasmus Charter for higher education within the framework of the new Erasmus Plus program (2014/2020). One of the top priorities of the school has been to open up to other countries, and their teams have been fully committed to international vocational training, firstly focusing on the Pacific region, and since 2014, turning to Europe as well.

The teaching team of the International Trade department: “As part of their training, our students must quite logically do an internship abroad. This work placement spans a period of eight weeks, at the end of their first year. It undoubtedly provides the opportunity to learn more in situation and to use the students’ skills in their favorite areas – trade, management, canvassing, negotiation, etc. Of course, foreign languages are also placed in the limelight as they are to be comprehended, used and experienced in the reality of an authentic framework. Although our department was already open on the Pacific region, working in closer collaboration with Europe appeared as an absolute must. In fact, the Erasmus internships crystallize all our efforts: they bring life to languages as students are immersed in European cultures. They are the beginning of promising exchanges that highlight the fact that beyond the specificities of each country, we can bond both culturally and linguistically.”

Overall, the feedbacks from the first ten students who benefitted from Erasmus Plus internships emphasize the fact that our goals have been reached. Every year, we now plan to give our students the same opportunity so they can live a formative experience built on this work placement overseas. Our steering committee works to that effect. It is made up of three Economics and Management teachers as well as an English teacher, and it is chaired by our Vocational and Technological Training director.

Due to the efficiency of the project it was renewed 3 times by the organizers.


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