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New-Caledonia and the EU

New Caledonia

The newspaper Les Nouvelles Calédoniennes has published an article on the ties between New Caledonia and the European Union.

Only 19.22% of Caledonians voted in the last elections to the parliament in Strasbourg. Yet the capital hosts the European Union’s office in the South Pacific and there are billions in grants and subsidies that have made it possible, for example, to build the Koné-Tiwaka crossroads and the Aquarium in Nouméa , as well as Erasmus+ exchanges, the FALAH project and the regional PROTEGE project.

You can access the article in French here: https://www.lnc.nc/article/nouvelle-caledonie/politique/l-union-europeenne-un-partenaire-de-premier-plan-de-la-nouvelle-caledonie