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Creative Europe: calls for proposals are now open for application!

Creative Europe is the European Union programme dedicated to the cultural, audio-visual and creative sectors. Its objective is to support European cultural innovation practices and the development of projects, of cooperation networks and of European exchange and research communities between actors committed to and wishing to engage in today’s European cultural challenges. For 2021-2027, the budget allocated to this programme is € 2,4 billion.

Creative Europe has four key objectives:

  • Promote European and Cultural heritage
  • Strengthen the competitiveness of these sectors
  • Support their ecological and digital transition
  • Introduce sectoral and media support measures

This programme Is structured around 3 strands:

  • CULTURE: Open to the cultural and creative sectors, it supports innovative projects led by professional structures. It is structured around the following sectorial actions: music, heritage, architecture, books, design, fashion and cultural tourism; and around 3 horizontal actions: cooperation, networking, platform and translation.
  • MEDIA: This strand aims to support the European audio-visual sector (cinema, visual arts, video games, etc.). It provides financial support for the development, distribution and programming of projects led by European professionals.
  • TRANS-SECTORAL: This strand aims to bring together and facilitate cooperation between actors in the cultural, audio-visual and media sectors.

Calls for proposals are open in each of these 3 strands. The list of calls as well as the information concerning the calendar and the modalities of application are available at this link: Search Funding & Tenders (europa.eu)


More general information on the programme is also available on the EU website: https://ec.europa.eu/culture/fr/node/821