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Cop 26 | Mr. Joseph Manaute’s message

New Caledonia

In relation with the COP26 and with the high-level side event co-organized by OCTA, the representative of the Chair, New Caledonia’s Minister for sustainable development, environment and ecological transition, Mr. Joseph Manaute, sent a video message to contribute to the discussion of the panelists regarding the exchange on innovative regional solutions on climate change adaptation.  

New Caledonia is making climate change adaption one of its main priorities, it is the first time since the Noumea agreement of 1998 that climate change is part of the portfolio of a member of the government.  

Since 2016, New Caledonia has adopted an energy transition plan with a target of 100% non-carbon energies for public distribution by 2030. 

Through the European Development Fund, New Caledonia is benefiting from the support of the EU in terms of green transition. European programs such as PROTEGE are greatly enhancing the ability of New Caledonia to develop a green transition.  

Joseph Manaute expects the new government of New Caledonia to declare climate emergency. This will engage a large consultation between the government and civil society to discuss solutions for climate change adaptation. Blue and Green growth will also be among the main focus of the new OCTA strategy for 2021-2027, to be adopted at the end of November.  

Watch the video here