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Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire




Biodiversity conservation and restoration

Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire

Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire protects and restores coral reefs in Bonaire by:

  • developing new and innovative ways to restore reefs that are supported by research collaborations and shared worldwide
  • training, engaging and inspiring the community locally and internationally through volunteering, educational events, and outreach
  • demonstrating that through community efforts there is still hope for coral reefs

Reef Renewal Bonaire works to assist natural recovery of coral reefs using active coral restoration as a strategy to preserve and enhance the population of different coral species. Every year, with the help of the community, thousands of corals are produced through fragmentation or larval propagation techniques and strategically outplanted later to local degraded reefs promoting genetic diversity.


Francesca Virdis
Hanchi Amboina 5 Bonaire