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Public Entity Saba




Biodiversity conservation and restoration

Public Entity Saba

Saba is a special municipality of the Netherlands. Saba is known for its magnificent nature and is an excellent diving destination. Mount Scenery, with its 877 meters, is the highest point of the Dutch Kingdom.

The Island Government is known for its stability, maintains good relations with the Netherlands, and achieves results in various domains. Within the organization, everybody works together on developing the island further. In total, there are about 180 employees.

The Saba Island Government works on more self-reliance and economic development, focusing on sustainability, accessibility, poverty eradication, and improving life quality. Here, we say that the ‘work is in progress’ because there is still so much to do. Topics that we are currently working on include a new harbor, new school buildings, marketing of our eco-tourism, nature preservation, agriculture, organization development, training and coaching of personnel, digitalization, etc.

​Since becoming a special municipality of the Netherlands, there specific tasks that the Saba island Government does not carry out like taxation, policing, immigration, transport infrastructure, health, education, and social security. The National Office carries out these services for the Caribbean Netherlands (Dutch: Rijksdienst Caribisch Nederland) on behalf of the Government of the Netherlands.


Power Street # 1, The Bottom, Saba