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Observatoire de lenvironnement en Nouvelle Calédonie (OEIL)

Observatoire de l’environnement en Nouvelle-Calédonie (OEIL)


New Caledonia


Biodiversity conservation and restoration

Observatoire de l'environnement en Nouvelle-Calédonie (OEIL)

The Observatory of the Environment in New Caledonia (OEIL) was created to answer questions on the growing impact of human, industrial, and mining activities on the environment in New Caledonia, and more particularly on natural environments of the Great South in the municipalities of Yaté, Mont-Dore, Isle of Pines and Thio.

The objective of the Observatory is to facilitate the decision of the actors on the measures to be taken to keep the environment in a good state.


31 Rue Kervistin Nouméa, 98800 New Caledonia