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Louis Malardé Institute (ILM)

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French Polynesia

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Research & Innovation

Ministry of Research of the Government of French Polynesia

The Louis Malardé Institute (ILM) is a public industrial and commercial establishment, placed under the supervision of the Minister of Research of the Government of French Polynesia. ILM carries out analysis, research, and trading activities in the fields of health, the environment, hygiene and food.

The mission of the ILM is to contribute through its services and its specific actions to the preservation of health, public hygiene, and the natural environment of French Polynesia. It carries out research programs in the biomedical field and in fields contributing to the protection of the environment and the enhancement of the natural heritage of French Polynesia, relating to topics such as infectious diseases, non-communicable diseases, marine bio-toxins, medical entomology.

The organization consists of 5 units, namely: the administrative unit, the diagnostic & health watch unit, the biological resources center, the research unit, and the valuation unit and has an Executive Management and a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors and the Executive management both consist of (separate) scientific and research councils.


Crossing of rue des Poilus tahitiens and rue du 5 mars 1797, in Papeete (Tahiti)