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Association Vaiku’a i te manu o Ua Huka


French Polynesia


Biodiversity conservation and restoration

Association Vaiku’a i te manu o Ua Huka

The association “VAIKU’A” was founded in 2014 and works for the protection and promotion of the unique environment of  Ua Huka. As part of its actions, particular attention is paid to:

  • the fight against invasive alien species (in particular the black rat), which threaten the balance of biodiversity as well as the health of its inhabitants and the productivity of its crops;
  • the protection of two local bird species, unique to the island and classified as critically endangered by the IUCN; The Pihiti and the Monarch Iphis;
  • raising awareness among the population of this island and the islands connected to the island with Ua Huka as well as that of visitors (those arriving by sea in particular).

The actions of the association are financed by: fundraising that it develops itself, the annual subsidy of the Municipality of Ua Huka, and the subsidies granted for projects such as that of the Department of the Environment (DIREN) or the European Commission (BEST 2.0, project nr.2252).


Contact Association Vaiku´a, Vaipaee, 98744 Ua Huka, Polynésie Française