Overseas Countries
and Territories Association

New European Bauhaus

An interdisciplinary project involving art, culture, social inclusion, science and technology, aimed at making the European Green Deal effective. It calls on all actors to collaborate and innovate in order to build a sustainable and inclusive future.

Eligibility of OCTs

As the New European Bauhaus (NEB) is still at the creation stage, the situation for OCTs is the following: 

  • OCTs are welcome to join the conversion and to introduce input in the NEB website regarding examples, ideas and challenges. This would be very useful for the European Commission to have an overview on the challenges and how the dissemination process should be oriented.  
  • The eligibility of OCTs to specific calls launched in the context of the NEB will depend on the legal framework of the financial instrument used in each specific call. Currently, the NEB is likely to be implemented in calls for proposals funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), to which OCTs are not eligible, and by Horizon Europe, to which OCTs are eligible in principle. In the future, additional calls might be funded by other instruments  

Key facts of the programme

It will provide financial support to innovative ideas and products through ad-hoc calls for proposals and through coordinated programs included in the Multi-Annual Financial Framework. 

This initiative is composed of three phases:  

The current phase, co-design is aimed at defining the concept and the engagement structure, engage and harvest, and ideate.   

Relevance of programme for OCTs

The NEB is a programme at its early stages, aiming to be created based on the input of contributors across Europe. This means that the objective of the programme is quite abstract and the funding opportunities are still uncertain 

The uncertainty makes more relevant and necessary the participation of local actors from the sectors of art, culture, architecture, science, technology, etc. with the purpose of ensuring that the OCT perspective is acknowledged in the early phases, making more likely that OCTs will be eligible to multiple opportunities 

Nevertheless, the message of the President of the European Commission, Ursula Von der Leyen, clearly stated that the scope of the NEB is to move beyond the EU borders, therefore additional financial instruments will be activated for this purpose.  

How is the programme managed ?

The management of this new programme is currently centralised by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission.